December 26, 2011

New Ashiatsu class in March, 2012

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Join us in San Antonio, March 9-11, 2012 for the Barefoot Basics class from Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy! (You an read the above PDF flyer here, also.


-Jeni Spring

December 22, 2011

Buy One Get One Free Barefoot Massage now through Christmas Eve!

The latest newsletter just went out, check it out in the PDF below, or at this link!

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For every online $80 Barefoot Massage gift certificate purchase from, you'll get 1 complimentary voucher for another session!  Use it for you or a friend, and even for scroogey Uncle Larry, but act fast, this once a year sale ends when Santa's in his sleigh, so you have until Saturday night at midnight to take advantage of this great deal!

Happy Christmas!


December 11, 2011

I'm in the current issue of Massage Magazine!

Be sure to check out the PDF file below from the latest Massage Magazine to see how two of our instructors answered the question:  "Where will the massage field be 5 years from now and how the Ashiatsu program/company meet the future needs of the massage industry?"

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If you are an LMT and subscribe to Massage Magazines digital edition, you can view the whole issue here, we are on page 72:

November 29, 2011

Socially Acceptable

I realize I'm not the worlds best blogger. I think it's my reading narcolepsy that's to blame. If I read a lot, I fall asleep. If I actually do take the time to sit down and write something, it'll be so long that you'll fall asleep. Naps are nice, but they are kind of inconvenient if it happens face first into your laptop in a Starbucks.

So while I'm busy ~not~ keeping this blog super bogged down with posts, you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Whether you are a client of Heeling Sole, a massage therapist interested in learning more about Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, or a graduate of one of my classes, I'll have a little bit of something for everyone here on the blog (occasionally) but more often it'll be on my social networks, in 140 characters or less.


Heeling Sole Facebook:

Texas Ashiatsu Classes on Facebook:

And I'm sure you already know about my mailing lists, which I end up re-posting here as a PDF file anyways, but just incase you'd like to get alerts from me in your inbox, you can sign up on this page:
Thanks for tuning in! OH, and don't forget that I redesigned the Heeling Sole website ... check it out!


September 28, 2011

Update for 2011 Texas Ashiatsu classes

Just a quick update: December's Barefoot Basics is now full, which will cap off a total of 64 new Ashiatsu therapists trained in this year in that class by me! Congratulations to those of you who made it in and are (or will be soon) using a great new tool to massage with -your feet!

I can't fit any more Barefoot Basics classes in this year, unless someone figures out how to clone me, but I did squeeze in an Ashi-Thai on December 15-16th. If you want those toes trained by 12/31/11, that really really is your last chance in Texas!


See the latest newsletter here:

See the 2011/2012 Texas Ashiatsu schedule here:


September 26, 2011

Texas two steppin' double header

I just finished teaching a double whammy of classes almost back-to back: I've got a bit of a calm before the storm when I leave to teach Ashi-Thai and present AOBT at a national Massage Convention in Portland in a few weeks, so let me get my feet on you in the office while I'm available! Visit if you'd like to schedule an Ashiatsu session in San Antonio with me before I take off again on October 13th.

Texas Ashi weekend #1 was in San Antonio last week with a group of experienced and Certified Ashiatsu therapists dancing the double footed "dosey doe". We had a fabulous time learning the advanced strokes together! I am proud to announce 6 more Master Level AOBT graduates are now across Texas, make sure and try a session from Carol in Austin, Courtney in Dripping Springs, April in San Antonio, Jamie in Palestine, Andrea in Austin, and Sally in Richmond![[posterous-content:mjuBdrJABxzCmueDdBbo]]

Texas Ashi weekend #2 was Barefoot Basics in Houston this week, drawing in a new crowd of Ashiatsu beginners from the Texas towns of Marshall, Baytown, Houston, Lake Jackson, League City and even all the way from Lavaca Arkansas! Welcome to the Ashi-family Sandy, Frances, Charisma, Tonya, Marilyn and Michelle, and thanks to our host Hollie for a great time in a great place!



Are you ready to learn Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy? Check out my class schedule and see when I'll be near you in Texas!

September 10, 2011

I'm on a boat!

So I'm taking this amazing class this weekend - one I've wanted to take for years. I've had the book, read it cover to cover endless times, lost it, replaced it, read all the articles in every massage publication and have watched every webinar by Tom Myers, now I finally get to learn it "hands on" up in Austin. It's the Myofascial Meridians class from Anatomy Trains. Woo! 

There are alot of examples showing how the body is built like a sailboat, and it got me thinking..... What do you call Ashiatsu on a boat?




Hardee har har. (There's another hidden joke right there) In anycase, please enjoy this video of the Fascianado himself, Tom Myers, as he takes you sailing to describe how the body is built like a sailboat.

September 6, 2011

It's the BEST time of the year!

You know what to do.... vote Heeling Sole as San Antonio's best massage service for San Antonio Magazine's "Best of the City" yearly survey! (Question #98)

September 5, 2011

August Ashiatsu class from the Alamo

A few weeks ago 8 new Ashiatsu therapists learned how to surf in central Texas... bodysurfing in Barefoot Basics that is! Welcome to the family Rene, Kim, Rachel, Katia, Jesse, Dedrie, Summer and Michael! 


And here is our graduating class of Anterior/Sidelying Ashi's: Dana, Rene, Kim, Marianne, Dedrie, Olga and Jason



These new Ashiatsu therapists are working on their Certification, and will be available soon in their towns, Austin, Ft Worth, Nacogdoches, & Boerne Texas.


Do you want to finally feel the deep tissue massage you've been looking for? Schedule with Jeni in San Antonio

If you are a Massage Therapist and are interested in learning how to massage with your full body weight while saving your hands, see the Texas course schedule at

July 23, 2011

Another Ashiatsu class underfoot


This week I taught an Ashiatsu class in town and had a lot of fun! Here are their smiling faces! If you are an LMT interested in learning the art of barefoot massage, please see the Texas schedule available at 

I was back at work in the office today, massaging away at some lucky clients! I have only one more appointment opening in next weeks schedule, so heads up, you might want to grab it!  I'll see you on the table~


July 18, 2011

What did you do this weekend?

What did you do this weekend? I trained these three therapists from Austin and San Antonio! We spent the weekend strengthening their legs while learning to lift and bend their clients into deep and relaxing Ashi-Thai stretches. Look ma, no hands!

Massage Therapists: want to know more about the live Ashi-Thai class from AOBT? Visit

People of San Antonio: Want to see what it feels like and receive a massage for yourself? Visit


July 13, 2011

Ashi-Thai demonstration video

Ashi-Thai is performed without any oils or creams, and requires the client to wear loose flexible clothing, allowing the therapist to stretch the client's passive body beyond its holding patterns. The client relaxes on the massage table, and will feel many gentle compressions along lines of muscle tension. With each long, slow stretch the client will feel the stress, pain and tension melt away. Ashi-Thai revitalizes the body, mind and soul leaving the client deeply centered and at peace. Watch this video of Jeni and the founder of Ashiatsu, Ruthie Hardee demonstrating and explaining the differences between Traditional Thai massage and Ashi-Thai.


Ashi-Thai services are available at Heeling Sole Barefoot Massage in San Antonio, Texas. Try the 90 minute session to experience the best possible "Blissed Out" state of mind... Visit to read about the benefits of receiving this style of bodywork. You can also schedule your appointment instantly online there, AND purchase a gift certificate to print or email to your buddy.

Massage Therapists: are you ready to learn Ashi-Thai for yourself!? It's two days of feet-on fun learning a full body series of easy-to-do traditional Thai massage stretches that have been adapted for use on the Ashiatsu bars. Save your wrists and back, learn to use your strong legs and hips to bend clients into pretzels! Visit to read more and register!

Upcomming Ashi-Thai classes for Licensed Massage Therapists:

  • July 16-17, San Antonio, Texas with Jeni Spring
  • October 16-17, Portland, Oregon with Jeni Spring
  • December 1-2, San Antonio, Texas with Jeni Spring


June 27, 2011

1 month, 2 feet, 3 states!

June has been a busy busy month for me and Ashiatsu! The 1st weekend of June was sun-tan Ashiatsu up at the Miller Creek Lavendar farm, where I set up my portable bars early in the morning to massage the DetermiNation runners of a Womens 5K/10k race! It was barefoot massage and mimosa's from Barefoot Wine, a great sunblock & lavendar scented morning in the hill country!


The 2nd weekend brought me and Ashiatsu to downtown San Antonio at Hemisfair Park for Pride Fest, this time we had shade and some real fun music to dance on your back with! One of my local Ashiatsu students came to help, and we had a fabulous time with our rainbow-clad toes. Check out Denise on the bars: 


Then week number 3 brought me to New Orleans for a national scooter rally called Amerivespa! My husband and I rode our scooters around the big easy all week, and on Saturday I had arranged for some local Ashiatsu therapists to massage us and the other Amerivespa attendees, spreading the gospel of Ashiatsu to those who need it most! I worked a short bit and filled in on the massage chair at one point, but rebelled and used my feet. ;) This was by far, (so far) the best week of 2011 for me!

As soon as I got home and somewhat rested from New Orleans, it was time to hop a flight out to Orlando for the Florida State Massage Therapy Association convention. I met up with my fellow Ashiatsu instructor from Florida, Pilar, and the founder of Ashiatsu from Denver, Ruthie, and we demonstrated our work to hundreds of massage therapists! I met so many amazing people in the massage field that I've only ever emailed or read about before in magazines, I was a little bit star struck! By the way... Pilar and I made Top Therapists of 2011 ;)    (so did everyone else who stopped by the Massage Magazine booth, hah hah!)


So now that June is calming down, I'll be sticking around San Antonio for the next two months. Schedule a massage with me while you can, or try to squeeze into one of my local classes before I jet out again! I'm looking forward to my September Houston Ashiatsu class trip, where I'll be meeting up with a fun Houston scooter group to ride around with, and in October I'm heading up to Portland Oregon for the national American Massage Therapy Association convention with 4 other Ashiatsu instructors. Fun!

June 8, 2011

Heeling Sole Summer events

Saturday June 11th, 2-8pm @ Hemisfair Park! Find the Heeling Sole booth and get a rainbow-clad barefoot massage from Jeni & other local Ashiatsu therapists!
Saturday June 18th, 10am-4pm. Partnering up with other Ashiatsu therapists from the big easy, get a barefoot massage from Jeni @ this scooter rally!

 Check In!
Next time you are here for your Fijian, Ashi-Thai or Ashiatsu session, before you turn off that cell phone, check in! Heeling Sole is listed on Yelp, Foursquare and Facebook Places, so you can tell your friends that you are about to get a rad barefoot massage AND you'll receive special offers! In the month of June, "check in" to receive 5 minutes of Zen! This means that after your massage is over, I'll dim the lights and leave so that you can take a nap. It's a great chance to marinate in your massage for a few minutes, let your body feel the changes that took place, and absorb the good juju. No stress, just zen. I'll come back and wake you up in 5 minutes. The world can wait: just marinate!
 Toe the line
Heeling Sole is partnered up with DetermiNation San Antonio, which is a running group that raises money for the American Cancer Society. Members of DetermiNation get complimentary 10 minute Ashiatsu sessions anytime Heeling Sole has a booth at a running event, like the Rock-N-Roll Marathon, and they also receive 20% off normal priced barefoot massages at the office. Members also get benefits from other local business partners in town, like at Nydia's Yoga Therapy, my favorite studio in town! If you are a runner, or a wanna-be runner, join DetermiNation, and look for me at local races and marathons!
Refer-a-Friend: Are you happy with the barefoot massages you are getting from Jeni at Heeling Sole? Next time you are floating the river or BBQ'in, don't forget to tell your friends! For every friend you send, you'll receive a $10 credit!

©2011 Heeling Sole. All Rights Reserved.

May 30, 2011

More Ashiatsu class dates for Texas added to the Summer 2011 schedule!


  • Ashi-Thai: San Antonio, July 16-17, Saturday & Sunday, 9am-6pm, $399, 16 CE's 
  • Barefoot Basics: San Antonio, August 24-26, Wednesday-Friday, 10am-7pm, $595, 25 CE's 
  • Anterior/Sidelying: San Antonio, August 27, Saturday, 9am-6pm, $199, 8 CE's (Prereq= Barefoot Basics)

All Barefoot Basics classes are "Sole'd Out" from now until the August class in San Antonio - this is the last one of the summer - so act fast! 


The plans for Advanced Ashiatsu in August have been bumped to September, depending on interest. More Houston, Dallas and Seattle classes are coming soon, stay tuned!

Jeni Spring, LMT, MTI

Certified Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Instructor

Tel. 210.623.0026

May 24, 2011

Ashiatsu class video

Take a sneak peek at our feet from this past weekends Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy class I taught in San Antonio. We had a blast, and even had time to set up the portable bar system as a group project! Now Texas has 8 more amazing Ashiatsu therapists in Laredo, Odessa, San Antonio and Austin - welcome to the family!

There is 1 spot left in the next Texas Ashiatsu class.... July 19-21st Barefoot Basics, you and your feet will want to be there! If you miss that workshop, there is more room in July's Ashi-Thai class, happening the 16th & 17th, another amazing workshop and great way to start using your feet. Either way, visit for more information. ~Jeni

May 9, 2011

Work smarter with Ashiatsu

1 Spot left in next weeks class!           Thursday May 19th - Saturday May 21st.  


Hot Foot it on over to and sign up today!    


Add your feet to your technique tool belt! You deserve to know this PAIN free technique; it will completely change your practice and your body. In just 3 days you will learn to work smarter by using gravity and your body weight to deliver consistent, safe and specific deep pressure. Use Ashiatsu when you "knead" it most... those clients that you usually have the hardest time "going deep" on will now be a breeze!


The Ashiatsu body mechanics and use of the overhead bars will be strengthening your body where you need it most: shoulders, rhomboids, core, adductors, hamstrings. Massage as if it's yoga... Ashiatsu allows you to lengthen your own spine, open your chest, and relax into the movements. You are going to be saving your energy so that you can add more massages to your schedule each day, or go home from work pain free, ready to live life!


Give longevity to your massage career and help reduce repetitive stress injuries in your body, become an Ashiatsu Therapist! 



  • May 19-21: Barefoot Basics, San Antonio 

  • May 22: Anterior/Sidelying, San Antonio

  • June 13-14: Ashi-Thai, Houston

  • July 16-17: Ashi-Thai, San Antonio

  • July 19-21: Barefoot Basics, San Antonio

  • July 22: Anterior/Sidelying, San Antonio

  • Dallas & Houston Barefoot Basics, TBA ASAP!

  • San Antonio Advanced Ashiatsu, TBA ASAP!


Read More »


CONGRATULATIONS to Miranda for winning $100 off her tuition from the drawing on! Our runners up and winners of the Ashiatsu T-Shirts were Josephine and Bethany!

Jeni Spring, LMT, MTI

Authorized Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Instructor    
3300 Nacogdoches #110, San Antonio, Texas, 78217


April 24, 2011

Heeling Sole's schedule


I'm ~slightly~ changing my office hours so that I can be more available in the high-tide of massage times:

Mondays & Fridays: 10am-5:30pm

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 12:30-6:30pm

Every other Saturday: 11-3:30pm

Wednesdays & Sundays: Closed

Remember to try and schedule a week in advance, or book reoccuring sessions to get your favorite spot, and please make any changes to your appointment no later than 24 hours in advance. When scheduling online, enter your email address to get an automatic appointment reminder! 

Upcoming dates that I will be away from the office teaching Ashiatsu classes: (These may create a traffic jam for appointments, so plan ahead)

  • May 19-23
  • June 11-20
  • July 18-24

Thanks everyone!


April 21, 2011

Save your Texan Massage Therapist!

Visit this link to read the information about the latest 4/5 bills that are trying to get passed in Texas - and how they effect Licensed Massage Therapists. 

Anyone can vote! Massage Clients, Friends and Family Members, Massage Business Owners, and Massage Therapists!

Act Now!

April 15, 2011

Camano Island Ashiatsu class pictures!

During the Camano Island Barefoot Basics class we saw horses and deer outside, and heard the constant pitter patter of raindrops... and our feet... all week. Spokane, Bellingham, Seattle, Camano Island, Everett and Bellevue all have great new Ashi therapists now!


The following week was the Advanced Ashiatsu class full of amazing therapists from Spokane, Wenatchee, Kenmore, Marysville, Portland, Gresham and Eugene who were excited to expand their Ashiatsu training. I swear I saw BigFoot in the woods!

Thanks to all the students for being awesome, to my parents for letting me take over their house and drill holes into their ceilings, to all my friends and family who put their bodies on the line as volunteer bodies for us to massage, and NO THANKS to the sun for hiding the entire time I was there. ;p

April 13, 2011

Ashiatsu @ the Foot Workshop @ Nydia's Yoga Therapy!

I am completely honored and excited to be a part of Nydia's next Foot Workshop, and would LOVE to see you there!

Nydia's knowledge of anatomy and injury prevention poors out in her classes, she completely glows with her passion to share this information with others! Come learn about the amazing bones and muscles in your feet, how to use them, how to move them and how to strengthen them with yoga to stay healthy and injury free! Then stay to hear Adan from Good Sports talk about the benefits of Vibram 5 Finger shoes and barefoot running options, experience Nydia's onsite massage therapist Summer's awesome foot reflexology lesson which effects your own full body by accessing certain points in the feet, then feel the power of the feet from a barefoot massage from me on my portable Ashiatsu bars that I'll have set up in her studio! It'll be a foot-tastic night, with TOEtally wonderful information for ANYONE and EVERYONE interested in healing their heels ;)

April 1, 2011

Camano Island / Seattle Barefoot Basics class

We heard the pitter patter of raindrops and our feet all week. Spokane, Bellingham, Seattle, Camano Island, Everett and Bellevue all have great new Ashi therapists now!

March 30, 2011

Jeni in Natural Awakenings!

Hi everyone! I'm missing the sunshine while up here in Seattle, but am having fun teaching Ashiatsu to a great bunch of massage therapists in my ( literal ) old stomping grounds, OH and my new baby nephew is sooo cute! (so is my other nephew, at dinner I convinced him that guacamole is really monsters boogers)

This warmed me up: a write up on me was published in the latest Natural Awakenings magazine! My awesome friends at the office scanned it and emailed it over, check it out:

Jeni in Natural Awakenings.pdf.pdf Download this file

(thanks Liz, Kim & Adela!!!!)
See y'all in about 2 weeks!

Sent from my iPhone
~Jeni Spring, LMT, MTI

March 17, 2011

Ashiatsu for Athletes

Last weekend I massaged at a cycling/sports expo on the finish line of the Hill Country 600 - a 375 mile qualifier for the Race Across America. The winner of that race, Marko Baloh, who finished on an injury but yet still in record time (19hrs. 14min. 23sec!!) received an Ashiatsu session from me and was pleasantly surprised at what Ashiatsu had to offer! I spent the whole day with some awesome people, especially my booth buddy Nydia! (Who you should all go take a yoga class with:

See the full photo gallery on PosterousThe following article was originally "feetured" on a blog for runners in San Antonio, see the original here:
Ashiatsu for Athletes
You can't count the benefits of sports massage on just one hand – boosts performance, breaks down scar tissue, prevents injuries and loss of mobility, reduces delayed onset muscle soreness, decreases anxiety, enhances microcirculation, improvement of tissue elasticity  but can you count it all on both feet?!? You can with Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, a style of barefoot massage which includes a dynamic range of additional benefits for the sporting life. 
Ashi-what!? It’s pronounced “Ahhh-shiatsu”. “Ashi” means foot, and “-atsu” is pressure.  In this style of massage, the therapist uses gravitational forces and distributes their body weight by holding onto bars in the ceiling, using their feet to deliver the strokes, applying painless pressure directly onto your body. Ashiatsu is not just walking on your back; you will feel a deep, broad, flowing centrifugal pressure that engages the fascia throughout your whole body, loosening adhered tissue, opening tissue membranes, which allows fluids and nutrients to follow more thorough pathways. Additionally, compression of soft tissue is applied throughout the session, helping to release spasm, muscle contraction and tension, always working within your perfect range of pressure. It works fast, typically just 20 minutes of Ashiatsu accomplishes the physical benefits that occur in a 60-minute session of a more traditional style of bodywork. 
Ashiatsu effectiveness comes from treating all layers of your tissue and your entire body as a whole, resulting in a calmed fight-or-flight response and a dramatic dilation of blood vessels. By massaging you with the larger surface area of a foot – in comparison to a hand or forearm – and by accessing the deeper layers of your tissue without the sensation of pokey pain that triggers muscle guarding, the rate of post-event recovery is faster. The depth is more consistent throughout the entire length of the muscle, curbing pain responses and flooding the body with new sensory information to help it evaluate itself and begin to heal. 
To encourage pre or post-workout low intensity exercise, passive stretches are incorporated to improve your tissue elasticity and reduce spasms. Ashi-Thai – another form of barefoot massage developed from Ashiatsu and Thai massage ­– offers a unique chance to rest, relax and recuperate from strenuous activities while the therapist maneuvers your limbs and body into deep stretches that you may not be able to achieve on your own. If you need your Psoas stretched, IT Band unbound, Soleus/Gastroc’s drained and your spine decompressed, this massage will do it all. The benefits of Ashiatsu combined with the passive stretching techniques that are included in Ashi-Thai offer a well-rounded holistic approach to aid in improving your performance and maintaining overall health. 
Track down Jeni Spring, LMT from Heeling Sole Barefoot Massage in San Antonio if you’d like to try Ashiatsu or Ashi-Thai and feel how it benefits you. Jeni is highly trained and certified in these styles of massages, and also offers in-depth training Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy to other massage therapists (in case you don’t want to leave your favorite LMT!) 
Heeling Sole Barefoot Massage
By appointment only 210.560.1992

March 9, 2011

Soul to Sole: the Refer-A-Friend program

Did you know that Heeling Sole has a referral program?

Soul to Sole helps you and your friends earn discounts on your barefoot massage sessions. For each referred friend you send, you'll get $10 off your next regularly priced massage!
With no limit to how many friends you refer, start spreading the word about Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Ashi-Thai and Fijian massage! We'll get your friends hooked on barefoot massage, and maybe someday they'll thank you with a gift certificate for a free session!

To take advantage of these discounts, your referred friend must come in for a massage and let me know who sent them - which is you of course! We will keep track of your discounts record from there.


March 5, 2011

Happy Mardi Gr-Ashiatsu!

We celebrated the grand opening of the Houston Texas AOBT training center with Mardi Gr-Ashiatsu! Beads were flying in our Barefoot Basics class this week as a very talented group of 8 therapists showed me what their feet could do! In our Anterior/Sidelying class on Friday we made the best of an uneven 5 person class, and were able to figure out how to tandem-Ashi the anterior aspect of the legs! How would you like to have 2 Ashi therapists working on you at once!?!? (Better have a sturdy table!)

This fun group of graduates came from Houston, Austin, Dallas, Ft Worth and Lake Charles Louisiana!Welcome to the Ashi family!!

See the full photo gallery on Posterous

I'm back to massagin' in San Antonio from Monday March 7th through Thursday March 24th, then I'm off to teach in Seattle for a few weeks! Schedule your barefoot massage session with me while I'm in town... you can save your table time instantly and schedule online from my website at


February 13, 2011

Ashiatsu classes: Anterior/Sidelying & Ashi-Thai have openings!

Are you a massage therapist and want to learn how to massage with your feet? Although many of my Barefoot Basics classes are already sold out, I do have room in the Ashi-Thai classes in February (San Antonio) and June (Houston.) If you already know Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy but need to learn the intermediate course.... come to Anterior/Sidelying next weekend, or in Houston in March! Follow this link to read more!

January 30, 2011

Fijian Massage Groupon's Expiring!

Are you one of the 234 lucky people who purchased a Groupon for a Fijian Massage @ Heeling Sole? Well it's almost been a year now, and they are set to expire on March 4th, 2011! Hurry in!

The Groupon's are for one 60-minute Fijian Barefoot Massage, valued at $60, you lucky dogs purchased them for $30! 

You may upgrade your Fijian Massage into an hour long Ashiatsu or Ashi-Thai session for $20, or even stretch the length of your massage out to 90 minutes for an additional charge.

After the Groupons expire on March 4th, their value drops to only $30, so you may still use them towards the purchase of any massage by paying the difference in price. Once these Groupon's expire, you miss out on a great deal, so be sure to save time for yourself and schedule a session soon. Same day appointments are not always available, so please book in advance.

Click Here to schedule your massage. 

January 17, 2011

Yoga Day this Saturday!

Yoga Day flyer.pdf.pdf (977 KB)
View this on posterous

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~Jeni Spring, LMT, CAOBT
Texas AOBT Instructor
210.967.4400 for massage appointments
210.623.0026 for workshop info

January 10, 2011

Advanced Ashiatsu class picture

Meet our newest group of advanced level Ashiatsu therapists: Shanna upfront, Maria and Keri are upside-down! You'll find their feet in Ft Worth, Austin, and Sequin Texas! 


~Jeni Spring, LMT, MTI
Texas AOBT Instructor

January 7, 2011

Ashiatsu Workshops in Houston March/June 2011


Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy 

...In Texas

Picture used w/ permission from

Barefoot Basics comes back to Houston!

Join us in our newest Texas training facility in Houston, we'll be Ashi-ing on March 1st-3rd! Join us for a fun 3 day workshop, Tuesday through Thursday, that will positively change your massage career! Any LMT can join! Act fast, the high demand for AOBT in the Houston area will fill this class in no time.

More dates:

March 1-3, Houston, Texas

March 6-8, Amarillo, Texas

March 29-31, Seattle, Washington

May 5-7, Dallas, Texas FULL

July 19-21, San Antonio, Texas

Picture used w/ permission from


This 1 day class gets clinical!

Round out a full body barefoot massage experience

For graduates of Barefoot Basics

Only $199, 8 CE's



Picture used w/ permission from


An adaptation of traditional Thai massage using more feet than hands!

Beginner course - any LMT can join!

Only $399, 16 CE's


Picture used w/ permission from

Advanced Ashiatsu in Seattle!

Class in San Antonio is happening right now, this weekend... you are missing it! Join me in Seattle, or stay tuned for late 2011 San Antonio dates. This class is for certified graduates of Barefoot Basics and Anterior/Side-lying with 6 months experience using the technique. Are you ready to dive in with two feet!? This is a highly requested class by our dedicated graduates, get in while there are still openings!

Learn the true application of the deepest most luxurious massage!

April 5th-7th, 2011 - Tuesday through Thursday, Seattle, Washington.

3 days, $595, 25 CE's

EMAIL ME for more information.

Jeni teaches in Camano Island, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, & Germany. Classes available coast to coast from any of AOBT's 12 authorized instructors, visit this page to see the nationwide listings!