September 10, 2011

I'm on a boat!

So I'm taking this amazing class this weekend - one I've wanted to take for years. I've had the book, read it cover to cover endless times, lost it, replaced it, read all the articles in every massage publication and have watched every webinar by Tom Myers, now I finally get to learn it "hands on" up in Austin. It's the Myofascial Meridians class from Anatomy Trains. Woo! 

There are alot of examples showing how the body is built like a sailboat, and it got me thinking..... What do you call Ashiatsu on a boat?




Hardee har har. (There's another hidden joke right there) In anycase, please enjoy this video of the Fascianado himself, Tom Myers, as he takes you sailing to describe how the body is built like a sailboat.

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