February 28, 2010

1 day only sale on Groupon.com

I'd like to say thanks so much to all my clients for your patience, good juju vibes and confidence in my massages while I heal this broken arm! It means the world to me! My usual Ashiatsu and Ashi-Thai services will be back as soon as possible, so for now please enjoy my Fijian Barefoot Massage treatments.

To help promote this wonderful style of massage, I'm offering a deal through a pretty big company that you may have already heard of... Groupon. Soon you'll save $30 instantly on your next Fijian massage if you take advantage of the 50% off coupon available only at Groupon next week! The start date of the sale will be Wednesday, March 3rd at the weeeeee hours of the morning, and will end at midnight that night, unless it sells out earlier than that! You'll have a year to redeem the massage, so buy it on Wednesday and save it for a rainy day.

Pass on the word, tell your friends and sign up here http://www.groupon.com/san-antonio/ to be in on the deal, and watch for the sale to post on Wednesday, don't miss it! Limit 2 per person, may buy multiple as gifts.

Don't forget about the usual referral deals and online gift certificates available.
Thanks again~

-Jeni Spring, LMT
Heeling Sole Barefoot Massage

February 23, 2010

Buyer Beware - not all Ashiatsu's are created equal

The Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy® family and its thousands of satisfied graduates would like to say thank you to the massage and spa industries for letting our company provide a wellness program that has changed so many therapists lives.

Our method of deep tissue barefoot massage using an over head support system has improved the quality of life for many that would have naturally left the massage industry had it not been for our educational curriculum.

The proven massage techniques and innovative teaching methodologies in which we developed to teach therapists how to be safe & proficient in a short amount of time is our greatest achievement. The art of allowing each therapist to build a relationship with our instructors prior to class as well as continued instructor support throughout the graduates career is the reason why we produce genially expert body-workers.

We are honored to be the first to have a nationally approved “barefoot-bar dedicated” course study of which others now try to imitate. Our research on compression massage and development of safe and efficient bar construction is unsurpassed. We are committed to being the best at providing quality educational seminars in the field of barefoot massage. The techniques have been developed with integrity and attention to detail. Our mission is to create a superb experience for every therapist who walks into our classrooms.

This world leading treatment “stands” above any other with a trusted reputation for being the original. Because we have made Barefoot Bar Therapy world famous, we must warn you of imitation knock-off educators trying to duplicate our famous footprints. Beware of any group who may use the founder’s or authorized instructor names, or similarly-sounded trade names to confuse the public into believing they are associated with our program. Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (AOBT) and our courses are recognized by the NCBTMB, AMTA, ABMP as well as other state and massage liability insurances as an approved modality - so feel confident and safe knowing that the credits that you take with us and the Certification that you earn are real. Choose how you spend educational dollars wisely and don’t settle for less than the best.

We hope unsuspecting students will be on their toes when weighing out their options for continuing education. Unfortunately there are some who have studied with us, boldly repackage our material as their own and will happily confuse you to think they created our work. This in return prompts body-workers to contact us for clarification as they “sense” we are the pioneers just from one conversation. Be duly noted that if they are not currently listed as an instructor on our website, chances are they do not have honest innovation. Study from the source, train with the original, and learn it for real. You can view the list of approved AOBT instructors HERE.

We do however, have the greatest respect and admiration for those “barefoot massage entrepreneurs” who have honest innovation and documentation to prove their development of an original concept, and we happily endorse them.

We appreciate those who recognize hard earned respect and goodwill and we welcome those who work with therapists and companies with integrity.

February 19, 2010

Need help?

You all know I offer Ashi tutoring services, right? Well I do! If you want help remembering strokes you've learned on class, or if you want help with your body mechanics, or just some more feedback on your application, I'm here for you!

We can go over what you know and tweak your body mechanics, perfect the strokes, and get more feedback on how to continue improving your Ashi massage. Just like in class, I'll provide guest clients, and you can work on me, I'll work on you, and you'll receive great personalized information and break through the wall you're stuck at. I can also show you how to prepare for Advanced Ashiatsu and make sure that you meet the prerequisites. (You might get a few "Jeni-ism's" out of this!)

The cost is normally $80/hour, but I'm gonna knock it back to $30/hour because I like y'all. PLUS since I am a CE provider for Texas, I can offer you 1 CE credit for each hour we work - applicable to your Texas license renewal requirements!

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February 15, 2010

7 new AOBT Therapists

Say hello to your newest Ashiatsu crew! Meet Courtney, Laura, Jacqueline, Nan, Alison, Andrea and Krishna, a spread of therapists from Austin, San Antonio and Richmond Virginia! Thanks to Rhonda for being my right hand during class, thanks to my guest clients who made Saturday work, and thanks to the students for being FABULOUS!
Happy Valentines Day!

February 3, 2010

Advanced Ashiatsu course in 3 weeks!

***REPOST from December, but great info about the Advanced class in 3 weeks! Some openings remain, but since the founder is coming, registrations need to be in by 2/11, so sign up now! The next Texas course won't be until September!***

I am about to bring more awesome Ashiatsu to Texas - you've all been waiting for it, now it's coming! Some of you know might remember seeing this class listed as "Deep Feet 2" back in the day, some of you know it as "the doubles"... well now it's vamped up and has been combined with the Fusion class, ready to be unleashed on Texas as "ADVANCED ASHIATSU"!!

I currently have one of these amazing and awesome Advanced Ashi classes scheduled in San Antonio on February 26-28th, 2010. Ruthie's coming! She and I will teach you how to safely apply the deepest most luxurious massage, with two feet! Get double the instructor attention, feedback and demonstrations, double your fun! You've seen me do these advanced techniques, now you can too. I'm going to have an army of 20 guest clients for us to practice on over the course of those 3 days. Yes, I did say 20. Practice practice practice, and practice some more. You will be made of steel after graduating this workshop!

If you still find yourself needing to go deeper even when you are using what you've learned from Barefoot Basics, then come take this one. Register now and click here!

OK, so what's NOT to like about this class? Well, for one, you need to have the strength to safely release your body weight into the clients body and be able to pull, twist, thrust, propel and slide yourself ever-so-gracefully between strokes to create a peaceful session. Gotta make this stuff luxurious you know, it's not "NO PAIN NO GAIN" for the client. (But maybe for you!) Go get strong!
Here are some exersize ideas to slip into your New Years resolution:

1: Pull ups and push ups are your friend. Go try some!
2: Pilates must be your sidekick, not your nemesis. Get that core STRONG LIKE BULL!
3: Grip strength is important - no cheater moves here with yoga straps supporting you up, no resting your wrists on top of the bars, its all hands on deck this time. Practice squeezing stress balls, and give strong handshakes! Guitar Center has a rad grip strength doo-dad that I like.
4: Use your bars for the ultimate test: condition your body by holding onto your bars, palms facing in, Rhomboids, Traps and Lats held strong, neck long, spine straight, and raise both legs straight out at the same time to be parallel with the floor, your body is in an "L" shape: hold that for 2 minutes!
5: Confidence comes from within - train your mind that you can do this! Think positively, eat healthy, sleep well, drink more water, and practice what you preach.
Read more about Advanced Ashiatsu on my site and on Ruthie's. And remember: If you don't see someone listed on deepfeet.com as one of the modalities Associate Instructors, they aren't teaching you what they claim. Study from the source, train with the original, and learn it for real.