September 28, 2011

Update for 2011 Texas Ashiatsu classes

Just a quick update: December's Barefoot Basics is now full, which will cap off a total of 64 new Ashiatsu therapists trained in this year in that class by me! Congratulations to those of you who made it in and are (or will be soon) using a great new tool to massage with -your feet!

I can't fit any more Barefoot Basics classes in this year, unless someone figures out how to clone me, but I did squeeze in an Ashi-Thai on December 15-16th. If you want those toes trained by 12/31/11, that really really is your last chance in Texas!


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September 26, 2011

Texas two steppin' double header

I just finished teaching a double whammy of classes almost back-to back: I've got a bit of a calm before the storm when I leave to teach Ashi-Thai and present AOBT at a national Massage Convention in Portland in a few weeks, so let me get my feet on you in the office while I'm available! Visit if you'd like to schedule an Ashiatsu session in San Antonio with me before I take off again on October 13th.

Texas Ashi weekend #1 was in San Antonio last week with a group of experienced and Certified Ashiatsu therapists dancing the double footed "dosey doe". We had a fabulous time learning the advanced strokes together! I am proud to announce 6 more Master Level AOBT graduates are now across Texas, make sure and try a session from Carol in Austin, Courtney in Dripping Springs, April in San Antonio, Jamie in Palestine, Andrea in Austin, and Sally in Richmond![[posterous-content:mjuBdrJABxzCmueDdBbo]]

Texas Ashi weekend #2 was Barefoot Basics in Houston this week, drawing in a new crowd of Ashiatsu beginners from the Texas towns of Marshall, Baytown, Houston, Lake Jackson, League City and even all the way from Lavaca Arkansas! Welcome to the Ashi-family Sandy, Frances, Charisma, Tonya, Marilyn and Michelle, and thanks to our host Hollie for a great time in a great place!



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September 10, 2011

I'm on a boat!

So I'm taking this amazing class this weekend - one I've wanted to take for years. I've had the book, read it cover to cover endless times, lost it, replaced it, read all the articles in every massage publication and have watched every webinar by Tom Myers, now I finally get to learn it "hands on" up in Austin. It's the Myofascial Meridians class from Anatomy Trains. Woo! 

There are alot of examples showing how the body is built like a sailboat, and it got me thinking..... What do you call Ashiatsu on a boat?




Hardee har har. (There's another hidden joke right there) In anycase, please enjoy this video of the Fascianado himself, Tom Myers, as he takes you sailing to describe how the body is built like a sailboat.

September 6, 2011

It's the BEST time of the year!

You know what to do.... vote Heeling Sole as San Antonio's best massage service for San Antonio Magazine's "Best of the City" yearly survey! (Question #98)

September 5, 2011

August Ashiatsu class from the Alamo

A few weeks ago 8 new Ashiatsu therapists learned how to surf in central Texas... bodysurfing in Barefoot Basics that is! Welcome to the family Rene, Kim, Rachel, Katia, Jesse, Dedrie, Summer and Michael! 


And here is our graduating class of Anterior/Sidelying Ashi's: Dana, Rene, Kim, Marianne, Dedrie, Olga and Jason



These new Ashiatsu therapists are working on their Certification, and will be available soon in their towns, Austin, Ft Worth, Nacogdoches, & Boerne Texas.


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