October 22, 2012

3 weeks until the World Massage Conference!

Hi Everyone!

You probably already know by now that I’m going to be presenting at the World Massage Conference this year... and I’d love for you to watch me trip over my words! It'll be a great time and you'll learn a lot about the form of massage that I am way too obsessed over! This is a “virtual conference” that is streamed over the Internet, so you can watch in the comfort of your home or office. I'll be in my pajama's, so it's only fair that you are too. All the live presentations will be recorded and available to watch at your convenience - so if you can't catch me live on November 12th at 6pm Eastern time, you can download the show later and watch my presentation anytime!

The guru's behind the WMC explain the online conference concept better than I do, so take it away Melanie:


It’s the largest event in the history of massage with over 15,000 attendees expected this year and it features 50 of the top massage experts from around the world. (YAY! They think I'm an expert!!!) I’ll be in the company of some of the professions most respected educators and I am so very honored and excited. Here’s the focus of my presentation...


The Benefits of Barefoot Massage - Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy...

In this presentation you’ll discover a very specific style of barefoot massage: Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (AOBT), which is a western application of barefoot massage that uses deep compression and effleurage strokes applied while the practitioner holds onto bars overhead for support and balance. You’ll get a thorough overview of this unique modality and learn benefits, uses,  contraindications and safety measures involved in the technique.


At the World Massage Conference you’ll have access to 50 hours of continuing education (1.5 of those from me!) and you will be able to interact with me and the other presenters by submitting your questions to us or by joining us to talk one-on-one in the chat room. Ask us anything: you'll have a chance to pick our brains and get your questions answered.

Click the link below for all the details and to get registered:


I'd love to see your name show up on the WMC Chat Room, so please join me on November 12th at 6pm Eastern Time. I’m looking forward to seeing you there,

Thanks so much!

Jeni Spring, LMT, MTI
Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapist (AOBT)
Authorized Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Instructor
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October 8, 2012

The latest Ashiatsu class in Texas

We just wrapped up another great class in Texas, and four more Massage Therapists now have double the training, double the material and double the fun with their newly aquired two footed Ashiatsu technique!

Listed from left to right, back to front, please welcome: Pauline from Ft Worth Texas, Sazi from Truth or Consequenses New Mexico, your Texas Ashi instructor Jeni in the middle, Colette from Austin Texas, and Robyn from Duncanville Texas.


Using two feet is pretty neat, and these girls are your newest advanced level AOBT therapists. Great job this weekend!


Texas Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Workshop Schedule

- Click each listing to read more!



October 2, 2012

Rocktober Referral Offer!


The latest newsletter just went out to those of you on the Heeling Sole email list. It's jam-packed full of information on how to listen to your favorite music during massages, earn free Ashiatsu, Ashi-Thai and Ashi-Anma sessions, and get exclusive existing client only offers!

Not on the newsletter? Oh you missed a good one! Sign up at the bottom of the "Contact" page on my site. You'll be hip to the Heeling Sole jive in no time.


...ok ok, I give in. Here's a link to the newsletter so you can read the latest email now!