February 7, 2012

Head over Heels!

Sole to Soul: Couples Barefoot Massage Class 


Skip the dinner date and come learn how to easily massage from your sole! This public massage class offers a fun and relaxing approach to compassion and compression with your sweetie. You and your best friend will learn basic barefoot massage techniques that are both easy to give and delicious to receive, and you'll learn how to give a deep, painless massage that can last much longer than the 5 minutes you might be used to before someone’s hands usually tire out! We are going to use our clean feet to deliver the massage to our partners who are lying clothed on a padded mat, while we sit back in a comfortable chair eating Bon Bon’s and Chocolate Covered Strawberries! Read more at the link below...

  Great for Couples, Friends......

               or Friends who want to be Couples!!

Sunday, 2/12/12 from 1pm-3pm, $150. Register online or call 210.967-4400


Gift Certificates for your Soul Mate

Can't go wrong with a pre-paid massage or series of massages! Choose from Ashiatsu, Ashi-Thai, Ashi-Anma, or even the Sole-Sampler 


If your Valentine likes Deep Tissue, has muscle knots bigger than their hearts, and could benefit from a relaxing bodysurf session, then Ashiatsu is the answer.

 If your Darling is a stressball wound up tighter than Cupids bow string and needs to be stretched out longer and taller -maybe there is a need to become more bendy - then let loose their physical manefestation of worries with an Ashi-Thai session!

If your honey just needs to escape the real world and melt into the massage table like your heart melts for them, then they need a back-walking Ashi-Anma massage.

Still not sure? I can blend it all together in any session, or you can get them a 30 minute Sole Sampler - which is a quickie of all three!

 Gift Certificates available online

or bestill their heart with a pre-paid, prebooked session!

I only have 2 openings available next week, and one this Friday, so act fast!

Schedule online, buy your Gift Certificate online, or call 210.967-4400

Happy Valentine's Day,
Jeni Spring, LMT