June 27, 2011

1 month, 2 feet, 3 states!

June has been a busy busy month for me and Ashiatsu! The 1st weekend of June was sun-tan Ashiatsu up at the Miller Creek Lavendar farm, where I set up my portable bars early in the morning to massage the DetermiNation runners of a Womens 5K/10k race! It was barefoot massage and mimosa's from Barefoot Wine, a great sunblock & lavendar scented morning in the hill country!


The 2nd weekend brought me and Ashiatsu to downtown San Antonio at Hemisfair Park for Pride Fest, this time we had shade and some real fun music to dance on your back with! One of my local Ashiatsu students came to help, and we had a fabulous time with our rainbow-clad toes. Check out Denise on the bars: 


Then week number 3 brought me to New Orleans for a national scooter rally called Amerivespa! My husband and I rode our scooters around the big easy all week, and on Saturday I had arranged for some local Ashiatsu therapists to massage us and the other Amerivespa attendees, spreading the gospel of Ashiatsu to those who need it most! I worked a short bit and filled in on the massage chair at one point, but rebelled and used my feet. ;) This was by far, (so far) the best week of 2011 for me!

As soon as I got home and somewhat rested from New Orleans, it was time to hop a flight out to Orlando for the Florida State Massage Therapy Association convention. I met up with my fellow Ashiatsu instructor from Florida, Pilar, and the founder of Ashiatsu from Denver, Ruthie, and we demonstrated our work to hundreds of massage therapists! I met so many amazing people in the massage field that I've only ever emailed or read about before in magazines, I was a little bit star struck! By the way... Pilar and I made Top Therapists of 2011 ;)    (so did everyone else who stopped by the Massage Magazine booth, hah hah!)


So now that June is calming down, I'll be sticking around San Antonio for the next two months. Schedule a massage with me while you can, or try to squeeze into one of my local classes before I jet out again! I'm looking forward to my September Houston Ashiatsu class trip, where I'll be meeting up with a fun Houston scooter group to ride around with, and in October I'm heading up to Portland Oregon for the national American Massage Therapy Association convention with 4 other Ashiatsu instructors. Fun!

June 8, 2011

Heeling Sole Summer events

Saturday June 11th, 2-8pm @ Hemisfair Park! Find the Heeling Sole booth and get a rainbow-clad barefoot massage from Jeni & other local Ashiatsu therapists!
Saturday June 18th, 10am-4pm. Partnering up with other Ashiatsu therapists from the big easy, get a barefoot massage from Jeni @ this scooter rally!

 Check In!
Next time you are here for your Fijian, Ashi-Thai or Ashiatsu session, before you turn off that cell phone, check in! Heeling Sole is listed on Yelp, Foursquare and Facebook Places, so you can tell your friends that you are about to get a rad barefoot massage AND you'll receive special offers! In the month of June, "check in" to receive 5 minutes of Zen! This means that after your massage is over, I'll dim the lights and leave so that you can take a nap. It's a great chance to marinate in your massage for a few minutes, let your body feel the changes that took place, and absorb the good juju. No stress, just zen. I'll come back and wake you up in 5 minutes. The world can wait: just marinate!
 Toe the line
Heeling Sole is partnered up with DetermiNation San Antonio, which is a running group that raises money for the American Cancer Society. Members of DetermiNation get complimentary 10 minute Ashiatsu sessions anytime Heeling Sole has a booth at a running event, like the Rock-N-Roll Marathon, and they also receive 20% off normal priced barefoot massages at the office. Members also get benefits from other local business partners in town, like at Nydia's Yoga Therapy, my favorite studio in town! If you are a runner, or a wanna-be runner, join DetermiNation, and look for me at local races and marathons!
Refer-a-Friend: Are you happy with the barefoot massages you are getting from Jeni at Heeling Sole? Next time you are floating the river or BBQ'in, don't forget to tell your friends! For every friend you send, you'll receive a $10 credit!

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