February 19, 2010

Need help?

You all know I offer Ashi tutoring services, right? Well I do! If you want help remembering strokes you've learned on class, or if you want help with your body mechanics, or just some more feedback on your application, I'm here for you!

We can go over what you know and tweak your body mechanics, perfect the strokes, and get more feedback on how to continue improving your Ashi massage. Just like in class, I'll provide guest clients, and you can work on me, I'll work on you, and you'll receive great personalized information and break through the wall you're stuck at. I can also show you how to prepare for Advanced Ashiatsu and make sure that you meet the prerequisites. (You might get a few "Jeni-ism's" out of this!)

The cost is normally $80/hour, but I'm gonna knock it back to $30/hour because I like y'all. PLUS since I am a CE provider for Texas, I can offer you 1 CE credit for each hour we work - applicable to your Texas license renewal requirements!

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