January 12, 2010

Barefoot for a reason

On a really fun night out with my husband, I broke my wrist roller skating. Every massage therapists worst nightmare, right? Maybe not so bad for me, because unlike most massage therapists, I'm not dependent on my hands! Being a barefoot massage therapist rocks! There are some draw backs with this whole situation, but honestly, my feet were always the ones meant to massage, not my hands.

I broke the head of my right Radius, and chipped off the Ulna's Styloid Process. I go into surgery on Monday, and throughout the next 4 months I'll be getting better and better. "We can rebuild her, better, faster, stonger than she's ever been before."

Luckily my big happy Ashiatsu family is coming out to help me! The Beginner and Intermediate workshop in February is still happening - I'm bringing in a TA, who can demonstrate the work that my cast prevents me from doing, and together we'll rock out a fun Valentines Day weekend Ashiatsu style! For the Advanced course at the end of February I already had another instructor scheduled to fly in and give you the opportunity to learn from the her as well- guess that was perfect planning! She'll teach, and I'll watch you all like a hawk so I can tweak your body mechanics and help you perfect the work. So in both classes, you'll have 2 instructors, which doubles your learning, doubles your fun! Currently there are 2 spots left in each class - so sign up now online, and sign my cast when you come to class!!!

Unfortunately due to the nature and timing of my stretchy Ashi workshops, I will have to reschedule those next two classes - they are meant to happen January 25-26th and March 13-14th. Once I heal and am back to 100%, which will be soon, I'll put all the classes back on the menu and we'll be good to go!

As for my clients, I do need a short break. Depending on how I feel after surgery, I can start massaging again about a week later - expect me back around February 1st. I'll only be offering Fijian Massage, http://heelingsole.com/services-fijian.html, another form of Barefoot Massage that I am trained in. It doesn't need my hands at all! It is still an awesome massage, and lucky for you, it's cheaper!

In the meantime, please make sure that any Ashiatsu course you look into is taught by an Ashiatsu instructor, we are all listed here! You'll still see me and the Ashiatsu crew @ the Texas AMTA convention in Galveston! I will be back to teach you and massage you ASAP - but I need to take care of myself so that I can continue to do what I love.

Think happy thoughts & have fun,
~Jeni Spring, LMT,
Texas Ashiatsu Instructor

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