June 3, 2012

When is it not such a hot idea to get a Barefoot Massage?

It's finally summer time in hot, hot Texas! But when is it not such a hot idea to get an Barefoot Massage?


Don't get me wrong: I am so glad to have the opportunity to massage you and I really appreciate your business - but there are times when we just have to say NO to barefoot massage. I usually only get the chance to review this information with you when it's all too late, and this subject has been coming up a lot lately, so the universe is telling me it's time to talk about it... so lets go over it together now and hope that the worst never happens to you. (The "worst" meaning having to reschedule a massage due to health issues, EEK!)

You all realize by now that Barefoot Massage falls into a category all of it's own in the massage realm: it not only is unique, it works and feels great, but it also comes with it's own extra cautions to be aware of. As the Spiderman movies have taught us, "with great power comes great responsibility."

Please know that I am by no means a doctor, and I do not diagnose or prescribe anything. I do need to know what is happening with you so that I can work safely within my scope of practice, and help you with the best possible results in each massage. If there is an alternative form of bodywork that would better suit your current situation - then give it a shot! If you have any questions about any of the following lists, write me back! I'd love to dive in deeper.

When Barefoot Massage is contraindicated (AKA, not allowed!)

  • If you are a woman that is pregnant or trying to get pregnant 
  • If you've had breast implants within nine months 
  • If you've had recent eye procedures/Lasik surgery within 72 hours 
  • If you have a history of Tuberculosis, thrombosis, aneurysm, or ongoing kidney disorders. 
  • If you are currently going through radiation therapy treatments. 
  • If you've had any knee, hip, spine, shoulder, or major joint surgeries within 6 weeks 
  • If you have phlebitis or cellulitis Any Autoimmune Disorders (such as lupus, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, etc) 
  • If you are currently taking any blood thinners, pain killers, or muscle relaxants 
  • If you have uncontrolled high blood pressure or heart condition 
  • If you have a pacemaker, stint or shunt 
  • If you've had a rib or any bone fracture/break within 6 months 
  • If you have Osteoporosis If you have Guillian-Barre’ Syndrome, any neuropathy, or any neurological disorder that causes loss of sensation or muscle weakness 
  • If you have been on a plane flight longer than 6 hours within the last 24 hours prior to your massage appointment.
  • If you are sick. (If I get sick, then I have to reschedule everyone!) 
  • If you don't like deep pressure during your massages 
  • If you weigh less than 130 pounds (Ashi-Thai and Ashi-Anma are OK for most any weight, but not Ashiatsu.) 
  • If you are under 18 years old. 

The following situations do weigh heavily on your massage. Although we may not need to reschedule your appointment completely based off of any of these, it will definitely shape the plan of action I take during your session. Please be sure to let me know when scheduling your appointment if any of the following applies to you.

  • If you have any extra hardware installed (IUD, joint replacements, fusions, rods, plates, screws, alien probes, etc) 
  • If you are diabetic, hemophiliac, or hypoglycemic 
  • If you have been diagnosed with any stage of a bulging disc 
  • If you have spinal stenosis, spondylitus, spondylolithesis (Any "spondy"!) 
  • If you've had any recent injuries (Dislocations, sprains, strains, bumps, bruises, whiplash, etc) 
  • If you've had recent injections of substances at joint or muscle junctures (Botox, saline, nerve block, epidural, corticosteroid, even birth control.) 
  • If you have had any kind of surgery ever - depending on the situation and how long it's been, I may need a doctors approval, and I may prefer that you finish your Physical/Occupational Therapy series prior to your session with me - or I might send you to my PT instead ;)
  • If you are experiencing: 
    • Heavy menstrual cramping or abnormal flow cycle 
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome 
    • Low grade fever 
    • Acute intense pain that does not subside
    • Numbness or tingling in any area. 
  • If you have been diagnosed with Osteopenia (early stage of Osteoporosis) 

Now that I've probably scared you: don't worry about it. Please have a safe summer and just have fun! Thanks so much for trying out my work, I really hope it helps!

~Jeni Spring

Heeling Sole Barefoot Massage - http://www.HeelingSole.com


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