January 10, 2012

Couples Massage Class next month!


Sole to Soul: Couples Barefoot Massage Class

This public massage class offers a fun and relaxing approach to compassion and compression with your sweetie. You and your partner will learn basic barefoot massage techniques that are both easy to give and delicious to receive. Ever tried to give your partner a massage before? Some of us are naturals, but not everyone is blessed with the gift of giving a great massage. The secret is to make it fun and easy to apply…. And to eat chocolate.

This specific couples massage class will teach you how to give a deep, painless massage that can last much longer than the 5 minutes you might be used to before someone’s hands usually tire out! We are going to use our clean feet to deliver the massage to our partners who are lying clothed on a padded mat, while we sit back in a comfortable chair eating Bon Bons and Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

Massage with the feet? Different styles of barefoot massage and back walking have been in many different cultures for hundreds of years, an organic form of touch, rich in history and tradition, great for chronic pain, wonderful to share with your friends and family. With the use of the feet, the natural weight of the legs, and a comfy chair or couch, it’s the easiest massage to give to your sweetie, and it’s painless for both of you!

Partners will learn to do a complete RELAXING, stress-reducing massage in an atmosphere of safety, relaxation, and self-exploration. You will learn to find, to experience:

  • How to massage your partner without getting tired
  • How to give your partner the amount of pressure they desire
  • How to overcome boredom/short attention span when giving massage
  • How to address common complaints (shoulder tension, low back pain)
  • Find a new way of showing your love and friendship for each other through touch
  • Experience new levels of safety, connection, and appreciation for each other
  • Restore passion and joy to your relationship with this fun massage

What to bring:

  •  Comfortable and flexible long sleeved shirt and long pants. (We have space for you to change here if needed.)
  • Bring a pair of clean socks
  • Bring two pillows.

Price: $150/couple includes

  •  2 hours of “feet on” fun instruction from a Barefoot Massage professional
  • A luxurious aromatherapy foot cleansing ceremony
  • Time to both give and receive a 30 minute session with your best friend
  • A take home massage instruction manual
  • Chocolate covered strawberries and a glass of wine for all your hard work!
  • Great for couples or friends - skip the usual dinner date and come learn how to massage with your feet!


Early Bird Special: $20 off if you sign up by January 31st


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