September 5, 2011

August Ashiatsu class from the Alamo

A few weeks ago 8 new Ashiatsu therapists learned how to surf in central Texas... bodysurfing in Barefoot Basics that is! Welcome to the family Rene, Kim, Rachel, Katia, Jesse, Dedrie, Summer and Michael! 


And here is our graduating class of Anterior/Sidelying Ashi's: Dana, Rene, Kim, Marianne, Dedrie, Olga and Jason



These new Ashiatsu therapists are working on their Certification, and will be available soon in their towns, Austin, Ft Worth, Nacogdoches, & Boerne Texas.


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If you are a Massage Therapist and are interested in learning how to massage with your full body weight while saving your hands, see the Texas course schedule at

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