July 13, 2011

Ashi-Thai demonstration video

Ashi-Thai is performed without any oils or creams, and requires the client to wear loose flexible clothing, allowing the therapist to stretch the client's passive body beyond its holding patterns. The client relaxes on the massage table, and will feel many gentle compressions along lines of muscle tension. With each long, slow stretch the client will feel the stress, pain and tension melt away. Ashi-Thai revitalizes the body, mind and soul leaving the client deeply centered and at peace. Watch this video of Jeni and the founder of Ashiatsu, Ruthie Hardee demonstrating and explaining the differences between Traditional Thai massage and Ashi-Thai.


Ashi-Thai services are available at Heeling Sole Barefoot Massage in San Antonio, Texas. Try the 90 minute session to experience the best possible "Blissed Out" state of mind... Visit http://heelingsole.com/services-ashithai.html to read about the benefits of receiving this style of bodywork. You can also schedule your appointment instantly online there, AND purchase a gift certificate to print or email to your buddy.

Massage Therapists: are you ready to learn Ashi-Thai for yourself!? It's two days of feet-on fun learning a full body series of easy-to-do traditional Thai massage stretches that have been adapted for use on the Ashiatsu bars. Save your wrists and back, learn to use your strong legs and hips to bend clients into pretzels! Visit http://heelingsole.com/workshops-ashithai.html to read more and register!

Upcomming Ashi-Thai classes for Licensed Massage Therapists:

  • July 16-17, San Antonio, Texas with Jeni Spring
  • October 16-17, Portland, Oregon with Jeni Spring
  • December 1-2, San Antonio, Texas with Jeni Spring


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