May 9, 2011

Work smarter with Ashiatsu

1 Spot left in next weeks class!           Thursday May 19th - Saturday May 21st.  


Hot Foot it on over to and sign up today!    


Add your feet to your technique tool belt! You deserve to know this PAIN free technique; it will completely change your practice and your body. In just 3 days you will learn to work smarter by using gravity and your body weight to deliver consistent, safe and specific deep pressure. Use Ashiatsu when you "knead" it most... those clients that you usually have the hardest time "going deep" on will now be a breeze!


The Ashiatsu body mechanics and use of the overhead bars will be strengthening your body where you need it most: shoulders, rhomboids, core, adductors, hamstrings. Massage as if it's yoga... Ashiatsu allows you to lengthen your own spine, open your chest, and relax into the movements. You are going to be saving your energy so that you can add more massages to your schedule each day, or go home from work pain free, ready to live life!


Give longevity to your massage career and help reduce repetitive stress injuries in your body, become an Ashiatsu Therapist! 



  • May 19-21: Barefoot Basics, San Antonio 

  • May 22: Anterior/Sidelying, San Antonio

  • June 13-14: Ashi-Thai, Houston

  • July 16-17: Ashi-Thai, San Antonio

  • July 19-21: Barefoot Basics, San Antonio

  • July 22: Anterior/Sidelying, San Antonio

  • Dallas & Houston Barefoot Basics, TBA ASAP!

  • San Antonio Advanced Ashiatsu, TBA ASAP!


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CONGRATULATIONS to Miranda for winning $100 off her tuition from the drawing on! Our runners up and winners of the Ashiatsu T-Shirts were Josephine and Bethany!

Jeni Spring, LMT, MTI

Authorized Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Instructor    
3300 Nacogdoches #110, San Antonio, Texas, 78217


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