March 5, 2011

Happy Mardi Gr-Ashiatsu!

We celebrated the grand opening of the Houston Texas AOBT training center with Mardi Gr-Ashiatsu! Beads were flying in our Barefoot Basics class this week as a very talented group of 8 therapists showed me what their feet could do! In our Anterior/Sidelying class on Friday we made the best of an uneven 5 person class, and were able to figure out how to tandem-Ashi the anterior aspect of the legs! How would you like to have 2 Ashi therapists working on you at once!?!? (Better have a sturdy table!)

This fun group of graduates came from Houston, Austin, Dallas, Ft Worth and Lake Charles Louisiana!Welcome to the Ashi family!!

See the full photo gallery on Posterous

I'm back to massagin' in San Antonio from Monday March 7th through Thursday March 24th, then I'm off to teach in Seattle for a few weeks! Schedule your barefoot massage session with me while I'm in town... you can save your table time instantly and schedule online from my website at


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