August 12, 2010

Summer Season

Well, 1 more class to go in my busy summer schedule of workshops! Since I last posted, I've trained 3 more Ashi-therapists in the highest level of Ashiatsu training, and taught Ashi-Thai in Dallas to a full class of 8. Tomorrow I start Barefoot Basics in San Antonio, and then on Wednesday..... I get to actually massage!!! I don't think I've worked a full week on my own clients all summer!

Here's some class pictures of the amazing therapists I've worked with in the past 2 weeks. In Advanced Ashi we had April, Alyssa and William from Texas and Arkansas:

And from yesterday's Ashi-Thai class, here's my gals Sharon, Jennifer, Glory, Jamie, Shannon, Pam, Jen and Mary from Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida, Nebraska, and of course big 'ol Texas:

Click here for a quick glimpse of us in class!

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