August 25, 2010

August Ashiatsu

A few weekends ago I held a Barefoot Basics and Anterior/Sidelying classes in San Antonio, and it was amazing as usual! Here's Colleen, Jaime, David, upsidedown me, Betsy, Kim & Shanna:
And from the Anterior/Sidelying class there was Colleen, Shanna, Suzanne, and April:

Whats next
  • September 7-8th, Ashi-Thai workshop in San Antonio. $399, 16 CE, register HERE
  • October 1-3, Barefoot Basics in Germany! More info HERE
  • I'll be at the Houston AMTA meeting on September 12th presenting Ashiatsu, another 3 CE opportunity.
  • Ashiatsu at the Ft Worth TAMT Massage Conference October 15-17 offering a 4 CE class as well as a booth in the vendor hall. Stop by to get some Ashi-Shwag and a massage!
  • Existing Ashiatsu graduates: don't miss the Ashiatsu refresher courses in Austin, Houston, and Dallas! 3 Hours, 3 CE's, $75, we'll focus on your body mechanics, application of the strokes, and questions from you!
See for the updated schedule.
Guest CE classes coming to San Antonio this fall:

September 19-20, Fijian Massage,
(Sun-Mon) Taught by Christyn Rittenhouse, the top instructor under the modalities founder, Lolita Knight, for Fijian Massage

October 3-4, Bamboo-Fusion,
(Sat-Sun) Taught by Dari Haffie, instructor under the modalities creator and master of Bamboo Massage Therapy, Nathalie Cecilia.
So now onto actual massaging! For you clients out there, I'm massaging at the office, schedule your session online or call 210.967.4400 to get on my table and under my feet!

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