June 4, 2010

Ashiatsu Toes on the nose...

Need to take a gander at my Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy workshop schedule? Did you forget what Ashiatsu is!? Here's the general info flyer that is going out as part of an AOBT info package to all the massage schools in Texas. I figure'd you should be "in the know" too! General Ashi info flyer with Jeni's schedule
Keep your toes on the nose - all classes thru mid July are now FULL!
Advanced Ashiatsu in San Antonio has openings, so does Ashi-Thai in Dallas. These are the only times this year that these specific classes are offered in these locations. Get on it and register ASAP or you might just miss your spot.
~Jeni Spring, LMT, CAOBT
Texas AOBT Instructor
210.967.4400 for massage appointments
210.623.0026 for workshop info

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