December 15, 2009

Get ready to get awesome!

I am about to bring more awesome Ashiatsu to Texas - you've all been waiting for it, now it's coming! Some of you know might remember seeing this class listed as "Deep Feet 2" back in the day, some of you know it as "the doubles"... well now it's vamped up and has been combined with the Fusion class, ready to be unleashed on Texas as "ADVANCED ASHIATSU"!!

I currently have one of these amazing and awesome Advanced Ashi classes scheduled in San Antonio on February 26-28th, 2010. Ruthie's coming! She and I will teach you how to safely apply the deepest most luxurious massage, with two feet! Get double the instructor attention, feedback and demonstrations, double your fun! You've seen me do these advanced techniques, now you can too. I'm going to have an army of 20 guest clients for us to practice on over the course of those 3 days. Yes, I did say 20. Practice practice practice, and practice some more. You will be made of steel after graduating this workshop!

If you still find yourself needing to go deeper even when you are using what you've learned from Barefoot Basics, then come take this one. Register now and click here!

OK, so what's NOT to like about this class? Well, for one, you need to have the strength to safely release your body weight into the clients body and be able to pull, twist, thrust, propel and slide yourself ever-so-gracefully between strokes to create a peaceful session. Gotta make this stuff luxurious you know, it's not "NO PAIN NO GAIN" for the client. (But maybe for you!) Go get strong!
Here are some exersize ideas to slip into your New Years resolution:

1: Pull ups and push ups are your friend. Go try some!
2: Pilates must be your sidekick, not your nemesis. Get that core STRONG LIKE BULL!
3: Grip strength is important - no cheater moves here with yoga straps supporting you up, no resting your wrists on top of the bars, its all hands on deck this time. Practice squeezing stress balls, and give strong handshakes! Guitar Center has a rad grip strength doo-dad that I like.
4: Use your bars for the ultimate test: condition your body by holding onto your bars, palms facing in, Rhomboids, Traps and Lats held strong, neck long, spine straight, and raise both legs straight out at the same time to be parallel with the floor, your body is in an "L" shape: hold that for 2 minutes!
5: Confidence comes from within - train your mind that you can do this! Think positively, eat healthy, sleep well, drink more water, and practice what you preach.
Here's the bit of news you ~may~ not like: I don't think I'll teach this class outside of San Antonio for a w-h-i-l-e. Why? I've got to come up with your meat, the guest clients, to massage for 3 days straight! It's hard to coordinate 20 men with the appropriate body type and no contraindications to come receive this work at very specific times in my own town, let alone in Dallas or anywhere else I teach. Most other AOBT instructors stick to one city to teach anyways, and being that I'm a multi-city instructor, this is where it gets tough. SO, I know I said I'd try to get up there ASAP, but it honestly isn't going to happen for a long while. And by long I mean, maybe not in 2010. I'll bring Ashi-Thai, Barefoot Basics and Anterior/Sidelying whenever I teach out of San Antone, though! (Hey Pacific Northwest, I'm looking your way!)

So for my dear Dallas and Houston area AOBT therapists, your consolation prize is this: $50 off my February Advanced Ashiatsu workshop if you live closer to Dallas or Houston than you do San Antonio.

In the meantime, go get strong to prepare for Advanced Ashi! As for me, I'm taking Aerial Dance lessons to get my muscles in gear:

Read more about Advanced Ashiatsu on my site and on Ruthie's. And remember: If you don't see someone listed on as one of the modalities Associate Instructors, they aren't teaching you what they claim. Study from the source, train with the original, and learn it for real.


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