December 28, 2009

About Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Workshops

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy workshops are all about learning a wonderful new modality of gravity assisted massage with your feet to deliver luxurious deep pressure. We understand that the only way to make more money as a Massage Therapist is to do more massages. But how can you do more if you are already performing your best massage day after day, exhausted, hurting, and dreading that session with another client who wants DEEP work? Well, this is definitely the modality for you! With Ashiatsu, you can take your massage to new heights and easily perform MORE deep tissue massages in a day without hurting or exhausting yourself. Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy® (AOBT) will lengthen your massage career, strengthen and revive your mind, body and spirit, while literally putting you a step above the rest - standing up on the table!

Our workshops attract bodyworkers from various backgrounds - some with years of experience, and some fresh out of school. Our small classes ensure tons of individual attention and practice for the best possible learning experience. The amount of one-on-one instructor/student time is unlike any other CE workshop in the massage industry. The methodologies in which we developed to teach therapists how to be safe & proficient in a short amount of time is our greatest achievement. During your study with us, you will feel every single stroke from your instructor. You will have an opportunity to work on the instructor and receive precise feedback specific to your application of the technique. We provide a public practical for the ultimate in learning retention – you will work on real clients and receive feedback from real people to improve even more. Making sure you are safe and comfortable in the modality before you leave the workshop has been our acclaimed reputation for years. We set the standards when it comes to barefoot bar work, and we deliver the first and best “feet-on” seminar in the industry. More benefits are listed here:

We are honored to be the first to have a nationally approved “barefoot-bar dedicated” course study of which others now try to imitate. Our research on compression massage, body mechanics, safe technique application, and development of safe and efficient bar construction is unsurpassed. We hope students will be on their toes when weighing out their options for continuing education. Barefoot Basics and Advanced Ashiatsu are accredited for 25 Continuing Education Units (CEU), Anterior/Side-Lying is accredited for 8 CEU’s, and Ashi-Thai for 16 CEU’s. Each are approved by state massage boards, including Texas, in addition to the NCBTMB, AMTA and ABMP. Your instructor, Jeni Spring, LMT is a Certified AOBT therapist trained directly by the founder, Ruthie Hardee, is the only approved instructor for Texas and its surrounding states to teach this modality. Jeni is a Licensed Massage Therapist in both Texas and Washington states, she is a Texas State Massage Instructor, and also a Texas State Continuing Education Provider. She teaches AOBT courses out of San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix and Seattle throughout the year, and in 2010 she'll be traveling with the founder to massage conventions presenting Ashiatsu nationwide.

Visit Jeni's website to view the official video's of Ashiatsu in action and complete course descriptions. Schedule a massage session with Jeni at her San Antonio office, so that you can feel the difference Ashiatsu can make in your massage and your life.

Ready to step up and start your registration? Register online here. Keep in mind that we take only (8) lucky therapists per class. Spots tend to fill up quickly and it’s best to make your deposit and reserve your place ASAP.

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