November 2, 2009

San Antonio Barefoot Basics workshop has openings!

This Barefoot Basics and Anterior/Sidelying class was originally meant to happen in Austin as a private training, but not no more! Now it's in San Antonio and ready to roll. All it needs is your enrollment! Starting Friday November 13th, Barefoot Basics runs through Sunday November 15th, and the Anterior/Sidelying class is Monday November 16th. I need to know ASAP who is coming, so this is your last chance to register!

Visit and complete my registration form by this Thursday, November 4th, if possible. Then I will contact you with more information.

This is the last AOBT class in Texas for 2009, and we won't be offering another Barefoot Basics course until late February 2010. Get in while you still can!

Please PLEASE don't wait until the last minute to register!
****WELL, this is it, it's the last minute. If you were biting your nails trying to decide if you should come learn an amazing new form of bodywork starting tomorrow... now's the time to bite the bullet! Learn Ashiatsu this weekend and you'll be ready to start using your feet on your clients in a week. They'll need that pressure and change to survive the upcoming holiday season, and you'll need the change to stay ahead of the rest. Call me today to squeeze into the San Antonio class that starts tomorrow! 2106230026*** (updated 11/12/09)

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