September 16, 2009

Ashi Friends

We always receive feedback from our students saying how much fun they had in our Ashiatsu workshops, and how much they loved receiving the work. Most therapists who come to our workshops are the first in their area, or the only therapist in their spa/clinic, offering Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, which has great advantages! But what about when you want to receive an Ashiatsu massage? Wouldn't it be nice to have a friend trained in this modality that you can practice with, and even better, TRADE with?! I had my Ashi-friends Dari and Julie in Seattle with me, and it was a blast - there was no competition between us, we just helped each other grow and received amazing Ashi massages in the meantime! Even if you and your friends work at different locations, you can still help each other with marketing ideas, work events together, maybe split the costs of buying or renting the Hardee-Ashiatsu Portable Bar System so that you can both set up ~together~ and show your community what Ashiatsu is!

Announcing the "Ashi-Friends" deal!

For each friend you refer who enrolls in your Barefoot Basics, Advanced Ashi, or Ashi-Thai workshop, you will all receive:

You plus 1 friend enrolls: Free Promo DVD (Save $15 each)
You plus 2 friends enroll: Free Ashi body Butters (Save $17 each)
You plus 3+ friends enroll: Free Barefoot Basics DVD* each (Save $25 each) (*If registered for Advanced Ashi or Ashi-Thai, then you'll receive $25 off the DVD set instead)
PLUS: You and your friend(s) enroll in Anterior/Sidelying = Free Anterior/Sidelying DVD! (Save $20 each)

So round up your friends and get your dvd's for free! You'll be a step ahead, able to continue developing the quality of your Ashiatsu strokes at a faster rate since you will be able to massage your Ashi-trained friend, receiving feedback consistent with the information and experience gained in your Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy workshop! Receiving the work helps you remember how it "should feel" or how the experience could be improved. Supported by your official Ashiatsu DVD library and friends, you can put your best feet (not just foot) forward!

New update to this deal! Would you rather take the dollar amount of each DVD off the price of your workshop tuition? Times are tough and I can understand. If you refer a friend(s) you'll have the option of either accepting the DVD/Ashi Butter offer as outlined above, or I can subtract the same dollar amount from your tuition. That means you have the potential of taking $15-$45 off your tuition costs depending on how many referrals you send in, and then you can just save buying the DVD's for later.

Check out for the workshop schedule! Remember only 8 to a class, so spots are limited.

(Offer only valid on workshops taught by Jeni Spring in either San Antonio or Dallas now through May 2010. Workshops are for Licensed Massage Therapists only)

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