September 24, 2009

Amazing Awesome Ashi-Thai dvd's

The new DVD's for the Ashi-Thai workshop are amazing! Designed for the home study course, these are the most detailed Ashiatsu DVD's yet!

Modifications to stretches and movements are taught throughout the DVD to accommodate practicing the postures at varying levels. This 2 disc DVD set is well-chaptered, which allows you to skip forward past sections and go right to what you are looking for. Materials presented in the workshop, in your manual, and again on the DVD are excellent for continued future reference. Contraindications, special safety remarks, and a wide variety of client restrictions are explained again, it is an amazing review of the workshop. By watching the DVDs, you can literally practice with Ruthie and Kina, the creators of Ashi-Thai, and be in step with them throughout the whole massage, learning their pacing and rhythm!

These DVD's along with the Ashi-Thai manual provided in the workshop will help you to really retain what you learn with me in class. The DVD set is not included in the workshop price, but is available to Ashi-Thai graduates for $99. Start saving for it now, or put it on your wish-list, I'll have them in stock.


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  1. I need ashi-thai DVD's PLEASE!! How to get them? Can I buy them?

    Miss Dawn

  2. I'm happy to see this wonderful integration of old and new influences. The indigenous massage traditions of Thailand and other countries have included for hundreds of years styles based on working with feet. Generally these are done on the floor with minimal equipment. My DVD HandsFree Thai: The Commoner Style with Chuck Duff presents over 2 hours of treatment covering the Thai traditions, which I would think would be of great interest to Ashi Thai practitioners.

    Best Wishes to all,

    Chuck Duff

  3. Thanks Chuck! I love Thai massage, and your video's are amazing for traditional Thai bodywork, I've actually had it on my wish list for a while now - but I really want to come to you directly and learn in person, so you'll see me eventually! There is sooo much info to learn on all the styles that I'd want to soak it up in person with you. I've never been up there anyways, it's a great excuse to travel out of the Texas heat!

    Our Ashi-Thai application is honestly not true Thai, because we are a western application of the technique. We don't include the theory or detailed history, but do teach the application of the work done in detail safely with the feet. Just like in Ashiatsu, where we leave the theory of Shiatsu to the experts, in Ashi-Thai we leave the theory of Thai to the experts and encourage our students to further their education and understanding into those realms.

    Ashi-Thai was designed to help relieve pressure off the therapists hands and lifting muscles of the lower body (...or relieve pain from upper body muscles that may have been overworked from lifting incorrectly.) We have it set up as an intro course so that our existing graduates, as well as those who have not taken any Ashiatsu courses, can learn to stretch and compress the body with ease. It is amazing to incorporate this work into the existing Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy protocols that we teach. After the deep, broad pressured full body strokes that we do, a great compliment to the work is to add some deep slow stretches.

    Ashi-Thai is designed for use on a massage table that the therapist already owns. Some of the benefits to working on a table include the ability to maintain comfortable alignment of the spine and neck throughout the session. Some peoples range of motion through the neck makes it uncomfortable to lay prone with their head turned to the side for long periods of time.

    Another nice benefit to working on the massage table is for those clients who have trouble getting down onto the floor, or getting back up off the floor. Thai massage is great for increasing range of motion and reducing joint pain, but for a client new to this type work on the floor, sometimes its helpful to start on the table and work with them until they are ready to transition to the floor with for traditional Thai.

    The set up of our overhead bar support equipment is not that hard or expensive. It allows the therapist to stand up and stretch, breathe, and provide a deep, balanced and safe massage with leverage and proper body mechanics without hurting themselves. The portable bars are fun and help you get out in the world like a chair massage would.

    In any case, all modalities out there have amazing and fantastic work to offer, something to learn from every angle. To any of my Ashi-Thai students out there, check out Chucks video's to learn more, hands free is the way to go :)