July 31, 2009

San Antonio workshop dates, and ASHI-THAI!

Well, I'm about to leave for Denver for my instructor training on Ashi-Thai, and I really can't wait! Spending time with the other AOBT instructors is so much fun, and this now workshop is just amazing, you'll all love it!

I just announced the dates for workshops at the new San Antonio AOBT training facility, including the very first Ashi-Thai ever offered in Texas:
October 10-11th : Ashi-Thai
October 16-18th : Barefoot Basics
October 19th : Anterior / Sidelying

When I get back to Texas in mid-August, I'm headed straight up to Dallas for a full workshop, but I'm still looking for guest clients in the Dallas area - I'll need the guys on Friday August 21st from either 1-3pm or 3-5pm. Have your volunteers contact me at jenispring@gmail.com ASAP!

The grand opening of Heeling Sole is September 1st, and a free informational Ashiatsu meeting will be held there Sunday September 13th, from 1-2:30pm. I'm at 3300 Nacogdoches Rd., Suite 110, San Antonio, 78217. Come figure out what all this Ashiatsu and Ashi-Thai stuff is all about! RSVP to (210) 967-4400

Spots are still available in the Dallas Barefoot Basics and Anterior / Sidelying workshops September 24th-27th - get your foot in the door and register quick! It's going to be another full house!

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  1. Hello Jeni,
    Congrats on the upcoming opening of your new place!
    Can anyone volunteer to be a guest client? Does it have to be a guy? Also, where in Dallas is the class?

  2. I do need guys as guest clients, and there is a few criteria we look for - someone without serious injuries or recent surgeries, someone who can handle deep, aggressive, compression massage. I look for a guy who is weighs more than 170, only so that we can be sure that he can handle the deep pressure we dish out, but also so that we have a broader group of muscles to work with. I like to talk with them a little bit so that we confirm that they don't have any contraindicated issues.

    I am looking for volunteers for the Dallas location and at my San Antonio location, all the addresses are on my site under "Locations." Check that out, and have any Guest Client volunteers email me at jenispring@gmail.com for more info!