July 26, 2009

Bar Construction!

One and a "sorta" set of bars done, four to go! Today I finished the bars at Isabelle's day spa in San Antonio. Then the Joel's and I started construction on the new San Antonio AOBT classroom! My awesome brother Joel worked his butt off, while my awesome hubby Joel and I were his slaves. We got as far as we could in one night, so here are the pictures, we'll finish on Tuesday! I can't wait to teach in San Antonio, I'm thinking the 1st class will be Ashi-Thai in early October, and Barefoot Basics late October!

Isabelle's Bars (I call them "Isabars")

Brother Joel @ work

Husband Joel @ work

One set @ the classroom "sorta" finished, still needs work!

Grand opening for my massage business, the actual real "Heeling Sole" which will be in a local classroom space will be @ the beginning of September sometime, so hold your massages from me until I move into this new place!


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